My Goals For 2017

I realise I’m probably a little late to the game with this post considering its now the 5th but to be honest I really couldn’t find the energy to stop watching Harry Potter and stuffing my face with cheese to write it. So yeah, better late than never I guess.

Last year I think I gave myself similar goals but failed at them miserably, so this year I am more determined than ever to succeed at least a couple of them. How far I get with the rest of them, we shall have to wait and see. But here are my 2017 goal/resolutions/targets whatever you want to call them

Build up my blog – if this isn’t one of every blogger’s goals for 2017 then my god your blog must be winning! But yeah maybe a bit cliché of me I know and I did try this last year but life got pretty hectic last year. So this year I am making it one of my top priorities.

Have decorated my whole house – this one is kind of both realistic and unrealistic, it will all depend on time and money. However as it stands we’re currently in the middle of decorating the bathroom and dining room which should be done by the end of March and will then just leave the 3 bedrooms and hall, stairs & landing. So it does seem doable.

Increase my following – as I work to better my blog I am really hoping that at the same time I can increase my following on both Instagram and Twitter and that my followers will actually be genuine rather than those annoying follow then un-followers cos that really grinds my gears.

Stop biting my nails – I have tried to stop biting my nails for so many years but I always give up. This year I am determined to stop biting them because 1 I know it’s horrible and I look like I have man hands but 2 if I want a ring on my finger anytime soon then I’ve been told I need to stop. Maybe a diamond was always the motivation I needed?

Take more pretty pictures for my blog – I seriously don’t take enough pictures that I can use on my blog. There’s a reason that my blog is looking poor compared to those who take time at the weekends to go and shoot pretty pictures so I’m about to try and up my game.

Explore more of the UK – since buying a house and reworking our finances we don’t exactly have much left over for fancy beach holidays or even city breaks. So we’re thinking rather than leaving the country we’ll just go for day trips to different cities or a UK road trip. There are so many beautiful places in our own country that we just never think to consider.

So there are my 2017 goals. All of them seem reasonably achievable but then again all goals do at the beginning of the year, it just depends on what life throws at you along the way as to whether you achieve some or all of them. Even if I don’t accomplish all of them I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I’ll just try again next year.

Anyone else have similar or completely different goals for 2017? I’d love to hear them 🙂