Why I Never Became A Fashion Blogger


I haven’t been blogging for that long. To be honest, I don’t think I could even really be classed as a ‘blogger’ considering I’ve been doing it on and off for roughly around a year and a half.

When I first decided to start a blog as a hobby, I struggled for ages trying to find a blogging platform that suited me. I knew I wanted to be able to blog about generic things, so therefore a lifestyle blog was ideal, and I am gluten free which meant I could add a food side to my blog. And this is how Gluten Free Megee was born.

However, a year and a half ago (sometimes even now) I really wanted to be able to start a fashion blog but there were a number of reasons I felt a fashion blog wasn’t for me, despite how much I wanted to create one. Here’s why I never became a fashion blogger:

  • There seemed to be so many fashion bloggers out there already that I didn’t think I could find a niche to make myself different
  • The fashion world is so big that it seems like its dog eat dog and unless you’re already up there it will be incredibly hard for you to ‘make it’
  • I wouldn’t consider myself the most stylish of people. I do my best to keep up with the fashion trends, but they change so often its exhausting
  • I definitely don’t have the extra cash to spend on new clothes every week just so I can write a new blog post and Instagram it – I mean, I’m saving up for a house. All my extra cash is going on paint and bleach!
  • Not gonna lie, I’d find it super awkward asking someone to take numerous pictures of me while I stood in different poses – I’m not the most photogenic person

This is by no means me slating fashion bloggers, because I have a hella amount of respect for you gals who find the time in your busy lives to do numerous outfit changes and spend your weekends shooting different outfits.

If anything, I’d say I’m probably slightly jealous. Fashion bloggers Instagram pages always look flawless, make-up and hair on point whilst it’s even a struggle for me to brush my hair on a weekend never mind venturing out into the cold.

But the number one thing that, not frustrates me but kinda makes me wanna cry, is that there are so many more opportunities for fashion bloggers when it comes to working with brands. I mean, I don’t know that many gluten free brands that I could potentially work with in the future.

Unless, Mary Berry you are reading this and yano, now wanna work together in creating a new free from baking programme? Just throwing it out there.

Like seriously though? Where do Lifestyle and Food bloggers go from here? I know I need to build up my following, and post an awful lot more to create genuine readers, but its uber hard, yano? I JUST WANT SOME FREE STUFF AND TO GET PAID FOR WHAT I LIKE DOING! That’s not a lot to ask for, and if any blogger says that they aren’t interested in monetizing their blog – you lyin!

So yeah, if anyone fancies helping a gal out, then hollaaaaaa!