My New Favourite Spot In Manchester


If you have ever been to Manchester then you will know that it is a big and wonderful city with plenty of things to do and see. Some of which are hidden in tiny little corners just outside of the city centre.

A couple of weeks ago I found my new favourite spot in Manchester, The Cat Café! Obviously the Cat Café has been around for a few months now and you may have already been yourself, but it is soooo hard to get in there, like seriously, it gets booked up so far in advance its unreal!

I had booked it at the beginning of July to go at the beginning of September, that’s how booked up it was. But it was for one of my besties birthdays and it was well worth the wait. They do work off 50% bookings and 50% walk-ins but if you decide to go on a whim, bear in mind that I went at 11am on a Sunday and there was already an hour wait…

The cats!

To say I was like a child in a sweet shot when I saw all of da kitties would be an understatement! After stalking their Instagram I really wanted to meet fluffy because he literally was a big white ball of fluff with amazing blue eyes, but clearly he doesn’t wake up before lunch time on a Sunday. My kinda cat!


gGeorgie was the most photogenic cat ever! I mean just look at dat face ^^^!


bSince stalking the cat café’s Instagram I was dying to meet little Bert. Purely for the fact that he is bog-eyed and I found it effin’ adorable!


kKeira was definitely the most playful cat that we met, she loved chasing the feathers and didn’t mind posing for a picture either.

I did take a whole lot more pictures of the cats, but I’m not going to give you a cat overload. Plus a lot of them weren’t good enough quality to share, cos yano, cats don’t stay still for long unless they’re sleeping.

There is a policy on place when you do visit, but it is in the best nature of the cats so who can complain? They give you either slippers of shoe covers to wear and they advise that no more than two people crowd around a cat at any time. Plus you’re not allowed to pester them when they’re sleeping, which in truth is just plain consideration. You can tell that the cats are very well looked after by how chilled out they are around people.

So if you’re a crazy cat person like I am and you’re in Manchester looking for something to do, I highly recommend The Cat Café. It’s also the perfect place to go if you’re feeling a bit stressed and need to unwind, because what cant a coffee and a kitty cuddle fix?!