Welcome To Gluten Free Megee!

So you have somehow managed to end up on my little corner of the internet. For a start, you’re probably about to realise that you’re in the wrong place and you ended up here by mistake. But, if you actually meant to come on here then WELCOME! Pull up a pew, grab a cuppa and a biscuit (gluten free or not) and have a good old nosy at my ramblings.

Please let me take this moment to say, I know my blog isn’t the best you will have ever come across but I am trying to work on that, really I am. But you’d be in the same position if you were working a 9-5 full time job and trying to re-decorate a house in the little spare time you have, so please bare with me. Blog posts may be few and far between so I’ll try and make em’ gooduns. 

If you’re wondering why the name Gluten Free Megee, well it’s actually quite simple. My name is Meg and since I was 15 I have led a gluten free lifestyle, not by choice, but because I was diagnosed with coeliacs disease – which is a horrible name in my eyes. 

In case you’re wondering what exactly is coeliac and why does that make people have to eat gluten free food, well basically it’s something to do with your bowl and not absorbing all the nutrients through your blood like a regular person would. But basically, it’s more long term effects that it can have if you weren’t to change your diet such as bowl cancer, infertility and even blindness. Yano, the kinda things that everyone wants to find out at 15 years old.

But anywhooooo, enough of the doom and gloom. I decided to base my blog around gluten free and life in general because, well, that’s really all I know about. Maybe when I’ve actually finished a room in the house I’ll share home posts or when I’ve got my dream mirror where I can actually take cute pics I may dabble in outfit posts, but for now it’s just lil’ old me and basically what I eat or if I decide to bake something ha!  

So please play nice during your visit, go wild with the comments whether positive, negative or if you have any questions. Oh, and I apologise for the pic ^^ I genuinely don’t think I take a picture these days that doesn’t involve a Snapchat filter. Sory, not sorry. Anyway, enjoyyyyy!