5 Places I’d Like To Visit

Travelling has to be one of my favourite things ever and if I could afford to I would do it a hell of a lot more. Like seriously, if travelling was free, I’d hardly be in the UK. Although I haven’t visited that many places, there are certainly plenty on my bucket list waiting to be ticked off.

Not going to lie, I get extremely jealous of bloggers who get to travel to amazing places all the time, I’m just like GIVE ME YOUR LIFE! but then at the same time I’m like ‘this gives me a target to work towards to hopefully be as successful as you one day’. So I’m kinda like I hate you, but then again you go Glen Coco you worked your butt off to get here! Anyone else ever feel like this?

So yeah, anyway enough of me wallowing about how I can’t afford to go on holiday anytime soon, here’s my ‘Top 5 Places I’d Like To Visit’ – if money was no object, obvs.


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to go to Rome. Well, anywhere in Italy to be honest. I don’t know what it is about Italy that has a hold on me, maybe its the food, or the wine or maybe even the romantic vibes you get from being in the country. Or it could just be that I watched the Lizzie McGuire movie way too many times as a kid.


Seriously, who wouldn’t want to visit here?! Every time I see a picture of the Taj Mahal I am in complete awe of it and its grandness. Plus it looks pretty Instagramable.


Petra is a new one, I just really find it fascinating that this tomb (or whatever the correct name is) is just in the middle of a desert, in the middle of some cliffs and I’m guessing the front of it was carved out of the cliff side. Could be wrong, but I’ve never been and never learnt about it in school so there ya go.

Machu Pichu

In high school history wasn’t my favourite subject, back then I couldn’t tell you what Machu Pichu was or where it is. Tbh I’m pretty terrible at geography but I do know it’s in Peru haha! But yeah, now I am older and actually appreciate and can understand history, I love visiting ruins and learning all about what was once there.


People might think that Paris is a bit of a cliche, but look how beautiful it is! My sister and her boyfriend are there at the minute (this is his pic btw, credit where credit is due) and their Instagram and Facebook posts are killing me with jealousy. Particularly because she has been eating amazing gluten free food that I could only dream of and doesn’t cost the earth!

So here you have it, my top 5 places that I would love to visit. Hopefully one day I will tick them off my list, maybe even sooner if I win the lottery.

If money was no object where would you like to visit?

*disclaimer* Images apart from 1 and 5 are either from Unsplash or Google that are labelled for reuse